About Us

Founded in 2021, Ketshwa is the next-generation yield management tool for content recommendation and display ads. Ketshwa technology provides a unique ecosystem for serving all content recommendation ads, analyzing and optimizing ad performance, all through a unified and intuitive dashboard.

Our Success Story

After having spent quite a while developing native advertising concepts for the biggest media companies in the MENA region, we recognized substantial flaws in the native advertising industry, including lack of transparency, absence of a single unified platform, or disintegration of publisher’s website monetization techniques. This realization has been a driving force to re-approach the industry and to create a new comprehensive native advertising product to benefit publishers, and that is where we got our head start.


We are creating a transparent and trustworthy environment for publishers and help them generate more revenue on their traffic inventory.

Roman Abu Snieneh Founder


Sharif Abu Snieneh Co – founder


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